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Innovative Global Patent Information Provider, WIPS.

The world pays close attention to Korea’s growth potential.
Korean world class companies have changed the landscape of global market in just a few decades. Such as Samsung, LG, POSCO, Hyundai, Kia, etc.
And now, Korean representative company, WIPS will take the lead in intellectual property market.
Since 1999, throughout 12 years, WIPS has maintained number one position with the largest market share in Korea.
WIPS was awarded grand prize digital content by Korea’s Ministry of Information and Communication.
And it also certified database quality by Korea Database Agency.
And then 2010, it has selected by WIPO as a partner member of ASPI program.
In 2011, WIPS was selected as a world class product by the South Korean government.
This designation has only given to the companies with outstanding achievement in each category.

WIPS online product
WIPS has its own over one hundred twenty million processed information databases and it can re-analyze the large number of databases up to fourth level.
This special and unique analytical service is only offered by WIPS.
WIPS Global is formed based on its own technology. It provides patent searches and analysis services which make users to review the information more quickly and easily.
Additionally, the family search enables users to look up the status of competitor’s patent application.
WIPS also provides the theme searching services depend on business purposes including citation search and company search.
In particular, the family search helps users easily identify the status of pending patents within a given country.
Family search enables users construct more in-depth country-by country strategies.
The citation search is helpful if you are trying to analyze technology trends or if you are trying to respond conflicting strategies.
Through WIPS claim analysis, users can even review the limits and scopes of particular claims.
WIPS provides a differentiated statistical analysis service enables users analyze massive patent information up to fourth level.
The special and unique analysis service is only offered by WIPS.
WIPS not only enable users to re-analyze massive patent information step-by-step, but it also enables users to do co-relating analysis for each patent information elements.
WIPS, as the designated patent/ design/ trademark search firm by KIPO, provides prior-art search, invalidity search, and infringement search service for patent examination based on its professional work forces and its unique products.
WIPS provides a core business strategy ensuring Freedom-to-operation, intellectual production and acquisition from R&D planning to commercialization.
WIPS has the most competent professionals and provides the best services.

WIPS also provides intellectual property education services.
WIPS is committed to professional development.
WIPS works with more than 3,000 companies and 100,000 users and has a high chance of client renew contract at 99.9% percent.
In addition, many Korean industries working with intellectual property have also used our services.
Moreover, WIPS has also provided services to 12 different countries including the United States, Japan, the United Kingdom, China, Taiwan, and India.
WIPS is the only company in South Korea designated by Korean Intellectual Property Office which is specialized in patents, trademarks, and design research firm.
WIPS is an Asian only worldwide leader in intellectual property information services.
We now introduce WIPS, Korean representative global company that will protect your valuable intellectual property.

Awards & Recongnition

  • by Korean Intellectual Property Office

    Authorized Investigation Service Agency

    • - PCT International Application
    • - Prior Art
    • - Trademark & Design
  • by Korea Database Agency

    Database Quality Certification

    • - DQC-V-201103(Gold Class)
  • by WIPO(World Intellectual Property Organization)

    Partnership for ASPI program

    • - Access to specialized patent information
  • by UKAS(United Kingdom Accreditation Service)

    Certified ISO27001

    • - Information Security Management System
  • by BSI(The British Standards Institution)

    Certified BS10012

    • - Personal Information Management system
  • by Korean Ministry of Knowledge Economy

    World Class Product Certification

    • - Patent Information Retrieval System
  • by the Korea Database Agent


    • - Quality Certification
      of Contents Providing Service