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Patent Search Service | WIPS Global

Patent Search Service

WIPS Global2.0, the upgraded version of WIPS Global has been released.
Search is much easier and more convenient. Analysis has become a lot more visualized and classified in detail with diverse charts. Newly added the Expert function get you optimized results for patent practices with a click of a button. Come and see what's new.

Service Features


  • A. Field Search


    • - Full-text search available countries are extended to 11 countries- US, EP, PCT, JP, KR, CN, DE, GB, FR, RU, IN.
    • - Enables users to choose multiple country searches at once, not only with keywords but also with numbers.
    • - Added a complete correspondence operation, and enabled special-character searches.
    • - Allow users to search with the number format that fits the format of each country's patent offices.
    • - Added the setting function that allows the screen to show only the desired search fields.
    • - English search are made available for all countries, and both national and English language are available for Asian countries.

    Newly added

    • - Search Filtering function that allows search results to be filtered in various points of view
    • - Allows users to check their search history and detail view history directly from the search screen.
  • B. Easy Search

    • Complex queries using operators isn't required.
      Find documents easily and immediately with only a few simple keywords operated by 'and'.
      Retrieval result is listed and categorized based on a three-step recommendation.
      Save time and effort reviewing from the higher priority documents.
  • C. Number Search

    • User-friendly number input system is newly introduced with unique number formats of the each national patent office.
      Multiple number search is now available at one go.
  • D. Step Search

    • Review each step of your search history. Documents of interest are available via inter-step operations.
      It's very unique and one-and-only function that WIPS Global2.0 is available.
  • E. Family Timeline

    • Visualization shows the filing status of family documents of specific patents in the world.
      It indicates the differences of application amounts between regions via various colors readily and quickly.
    • Timeline shows the entire progress from filing to expiration for each family document.
      Users are able to recognize and compare the status information on patents of interest in view without any difficulty.


  • A. Easy Viewer

    • Upgraded
      - Increased the number of highlights and added the user color setting function.
      - Increased document tags to three per document in Easy Viewer enabling a fast review of multiple documents.
    • Newly added
      - Added the Dual Viewer that allows a detailed comparison review of two documents.
      - Added a flag function that marks important documents at the Easy Viewer and My Folder.
  • B. Comparison

    • This enables intensive comparison between two different documents. Users can compare documents of interest in detail by arranging claims or drawings side by side.
      If you find a primary document of high importance, you can mark it with a flag and save it in My Folder. Also collect flagged documents all together. The analysis will require less time and labor. Not only saving documents but also using my documents of interest actively and effectively. Additional enhanced functions have been developed such as document memo, inter-folder operations (sum set, different set and product set) and query rerun.
  • C. Report

    • Provides the summary and details of the technical flow. Summary is a function that reports the document by freely formatting each page before printing, and Techflow is a function that enables users to have a quick grasp of technology flow by arranging the document of interest based on the start date for the right. It is very useful for understanding the sequential Techflow and managing simple bibliographic data and technical contents of the document of interest as a word or excel format.

Statistical Analysis

  • A. SmartAngle

    • SmartAngle has been completely renewed and far more upgraded than ever in WIPS Global2.0.
      New SmartAngle allows you to obtain analysis results via various items and shows more visual statistics by charts.
      A variety of chart and editing tools enables to acquire functional statistical data.
    • Upgraded & Newly added
      - Chart's visual elements have become more powerful and functions have become more diverse.
      - The subject of analysis number has increased to 20,000.
      - User applicant editing function is added, My Applicant
      - Re-analysis function now allows users to choose multiple categories within a single chart, allowing users to save statistical charts as well.
    • IP Competitiveness
      - It shows which applicant has more market power and influential technology by comparing to its competitors.
  • B. Claim Analysis

    • It shows hierarchy and citing relations between claims to enable easy review on subject matters. Functions such as inter-document claim comparison and claim keyword analysis are offered to help users understand changes which have occurred between publication and granted status, e.g. changes in a scope of protection.
  • C. Citation Reference Analysis

    • It involves identifying and providing correlation between standard references and backward & forward citation references via visualization and statistics. Reference information can be analyzed for the standard reference. Up to 3 depths of backward and forward from the document selected is displayed.
  • D. RA (Related Application) Analysis

    • Unique function of USPTO database has now been introduced into WIPS Global2.0 to help users understand US continuation application history at a glance. Confirm how the invention has been modified /improved and guess how the examination has been carried out for the application via the RA analysis.

IP Expert

  • A. FTO Generic

    This is the integrated service of WIPS patent information with Orange Book information, compiling a database of annual FDA List of Authorized Generic Drugs. It enables easily to find out a period for which the patent can be exploited based on the expiration date provided by FTO Generic.

  • B. Invalidation Advisor

    This is the Function to automatically offer documents which potentially defeat patentability of the specific patent via WIPS' own process without a user's direct search. This 1-step service doesn't require much effort to collect the documents for invalidation. The stability and high quality of documents are also guaranteed. Each document in result list shows relation with target patent or its family patents.


  • A. Data

    • Full-text search is now available for 11 countries (US, EP, PCT, JP, KR, CN, DE, GB, FR, RU and IN).
    • Final legal administrative status: WIPS Global2.0 gives the access to the latest administrative information on status (including rejection, registration, cancellation, etc.), current applicant or assignee, expiration date (estimated), assignment history, annual fee, EP lapse during opposition, etc.
    • Litigation info.: Users may also refer to litigation information including trial decision if there is any dispute history. (e.g. appeal against decision of rejection, trial for invalidation, etc.) (limited to EP, KR and JP)
  • B. Smart SDI

    • Competitor, Status, Appeal SDI functions are added to the existing Query, Family Citation SDI functions.
    • Competitor SDI - Notifications are provided for changes in application trends and alteration of rights of competitors that needs to be monitored.
    • Status SDI - Notifications are provided for the major events of interest patents, from application to termination of rights.
    • Appeal SDI - Notifications are provided for appeals.
  • C. My Folder

    • As a storage space it manages the data created by service usage. Not only it allows users to effectively organize a large amount of data and queries but it also links to various functions such as Sorting by categories, Easy Viewer, Download, and Compare View.
  • C-1. Patent Folder

    It is a folder that manages the saved documents after users have saved a specific document to My Folder using the service. For the entire patent folder, up to 100,000 patent documents can be saved and 10,000 patent folders can be created.
    • Upgraded & Newly added
      - Folder Management : With the set buttons you can create new folders (including subfolder), delete folders, and change folder names within the Folder Tree.
      - Folder Operation : You can operate the folders by, i) combining the documents saved in the folder (union), ii) only extracting the documents that are common in the folder (intersection), and iii) only extracting the documents other than common documents (difference). You can also combine the documents saved in other folders by cutting and pasting.
      - Share Folder : You can share the folder within the same group. You can review the shared documents through the share folder.
      - Flag : Users can manage the core documents by placing flags and prioritize the flagged documents for a review using the sort function.
      - Classification Tag : Contents are added at display implementation (Image included)
      - Function Link : You can perform the sorting by category, Easy Viewer, Download ..etc immediately by selecting a specific document within the folder or an entire document.
      - Search within folder : It is a function that finds documents within the selected patent folder, and you can find the desired patents using search operators and field names (Ex: 2014-*).
      - Memo : Memo function is provided in document units; you can enter the memo by clicking on the memo icon. If you put the mouse over the document containing the memo, the content will be displayed as a tool tip.
  • C-2. Query Folder

    Users can directly manage and save the past or new queries. Queries can be saved up to 2,000 cases and folders can be saved up to 100 cases. Saved queries can be used for SDI registrations and Excel downloads.
  • C-3. Query History

    It provides the history of the user's past queries by date along with the time, number, and conditions of the query. The Re-Query, Query History and My Query download functions are linked together, and if the queries are not saved, it can be saved with a Save Query button. Up to 2,000 most recent histories are saved, and if the number exceeds, older records will be deleted from the oldest. User's search environment and search are saved, and when you click on the magnifying glass button, re-query will start automatically in a new window.
Searching, reviewing, analyzing and downloading global patents with analytics and workflow tools.